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  • Capitancillo Islet
    Legends surrounding the island state that Capitancillo was named after Captain Basillo, the captain of a Spanish trading vessel. \
Friday, February 12, 2016


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About City of Bogo

In a free market economy private enterprise has always been considered the primary engine of national growth. Here, in the City of Bogo, we believe the same. The growing complexities of modern society may have blurred the boundaries that define which activities are strictly governmental and which are essential private but we, the local officials, firmly believe that economic activities should best be left primarily to the competence of the private sector.

We believe our principal duty should be to provide business an environment that allows it to focus on delivering value to customers; that allows it to help raise the living standards  of the families of Bogo and of the neighboring municipalities in the shortest period time possible.

Part of our duty is to provide prospective investors good information on Bogo as investment territory. Hence, Hence this brochure; a bird's eye view of opportunities lying in wait, opportunities which we know the businessman has eyes keen enough to spot. They are by no mean exhaustive but we trust they suffice to give one good enough perspective of the lady of the land.

On this note we sincerely invite you to take a look of what we have. The business opportunities menu is rich - whether in the areas of trading, tourism, education, housing development, special economic zone development and even agribusiness.

Give us a call. Better still, come and visit us. We will be glad to show and even agribusiness.


Mayors's Office
Treasurer's Office
Municipal Planning and Development Coordinator (MPDC) Office
Engineering Office
Accounting Office
Budget Office
Rural Health Unit (RHU) Office
Assessor's Office
Human Resource (HR) Office
Agriculture's Office
Environment and Natural Resources
Civil Registrar
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Info's will be provided soon.


Anonang Norte
Anonang Sur
Bungtod (Pob.)
Carbon (Pob.)
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Municipality Profile